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We’re almost three years into farm ownership, and still a long way from actually having “boots on ground” and starting operations, but the story of building our little farm has begun, so I’d like to share it as we go along.  Some of the chapters are already on the farm website; brief descriptions of why and where we’re doing this, and an overview of the projects we’ve accomplished thus far, but I will fill in details and more of the personal background here as I get time.

So expect a little jumping around, and I hope it doesn’t make you too dizzy.  I’ll tag and categorize as best I can, and add links to the webpage where the two threads coincide.  Ultimately this blog will be my regular farm-journal-with-musings, and the website will be the more permanent show-and-tell forum for the farm.

What’s going on now:  I’m currently deployed to Djibouti, Africa, with three years remaining to retirement from the Navy.  The folks at the farm are doing well, and are looking forward to our upcoming visit in January, during my furlough in the States.  We’ll stay a few days and knock out some of the upkeep chores like cleaning out gutters, adjusting the shop door, clearing leaves from culverts, that sort of thing.  Biggest event this year is my purchase of two Suffolk mares, which are going to be trained and kept in Virginia by a young couple starting out as Biological Woodsmen horseloggers, until I am moved to the Kentucky farm.  We hope to pop in on them on this trip, so there will be lots to blog about, and pictures, too.

Check back in with me later…


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